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Discipleship in a Digital Age

Get the story behind Craig Groeschel’s journey with Discover how God used him as a student and the impact has had on a digital nation.

Craig Groeschel, Vol 6. Issue 3: pgs. 10-12 PDF (2 MB)

Taming the Beast

The imagery used to describe the end-times beast in Revelation isn’t unique to biblical authors (Rev 13:1–2). Read an example of apocalyptic literature used by the early church.

Rick Brannan, Vol 4. Issue 5: pgs. 38–39 PDF (1 MB)

The Acts Top 40

With a startling 164 individuals, groups of people, "gods" and nations mentioned in Acts, it's not surprising that it's a difficult read. The problem now has a remedy—the Acts Top 40.

John D. Barry, Vol. 2, Issue 2: pgs. 28–29 PDF (625 KB)

Away in a Manger, but Not in a Barn

A close reading of the biblical text informed by the archaeological evidence suggests some adjustments are needed to the way we understand the nativity scene.

Gary A. Byers, Vol. 2, Issue 1: pgs. 44–46 PDF (1.84 MB)

Jesus Never Laughed?

God has gifted us with a sense of humor; it stands to reason that Jesus had one too.

Samuel Lamerson, Vol. 1, Issue 4: pgs. 43–44 PDF (450 KB)

Bible Study at Bat

The Tigers’ Chaplain describes how major leaguers handle the change-ups.

Lee Waren, Vol. 1, Issue 4: pgs. 15–17. PDF (1.17 MB)

Does the Author of Ecclesiastes Need Prozac?

The author of Ecclesiastes is often labeled a depressed pessimist, but he is actually an honest realist.

Miles Custis, Vol. 1, Issue 3: pgs. 45–6. PDF (603 KB)

Facing Today with the Book of Hebrews

An 8 week study about the hope God offers us during times of pain and suffering.

John D. Barry, Vol. 1, Issue 2: pgs. 29–32. PDF (1.18 MB)

Choosing a Bible Translation

A Bible translator helps you pick out a Bible translation.

Daniel B. Wallace, Vol. 1, Issue 1: pgs. 23–26. PDF (2.19 MB)

Bible Study and Rock Music

Popular Christian rock band Kutless discusses studying the Bible on the road.

John D. Barry, Vol. 1, Issue 2: pgs. 17–20. PDF (461 KB)

Bible Study in Hollywood

Entertainers converse about studying the Bible in a secular industry.

Christy Tennant, Vol. 1, Issue 3: pgs. 17–20. PDF (1.06 MB)

NLT Study Bible

A look at the second edition of one of the most popular English bibles.

Rick Mansfield, Vol. 1, Issue 3: pgs. 67–68. PDF (1.15 MB)

Word Studies

Get a close-up view of the Bible! Each issue teaches you about significant Greek and Hebrew words, plus tells you how to examine the words without knowing the original languages.

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