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What's in Your Bible?

  • Vincent Setterholm
  • Vol. 1 : Issue 1, Nov-Dec 08

Jews and Christians throughout the centuries have produced bibles that vary in content and organization. This chart is a sampling of the different bibles used today.

What's in Your Bible?

Counting the Ten Commandments

  • Michael S. Heiser
  • Vol. 1 : Issue 2, Jan-Feb 09

Different traditions disagree on how to number the commandments. This chart demonstrates the way different religious sects number the ten commandments.

Counting the Ten Commandments -- at

God's Word through Multiple Voices

  • Craig C. Broyles
  • Vol. 1 : Issue 3, Mar-Apr 09

A Greek historian, an Assyrian king, and the Bible disagree? Using our interactive map, examine for yourself one of the most controversial events in the Bible and archaeology: the Assyrian King Sennacherib's Invasion of Hezekiah's Judah.

What's in Your Bible?

Goliath & the Hebrew Text of the OT

  • Michael S. Heiser
  • Vol. 1 : Issue 4, May-June 09

Goliath may have been killed three thousand years ago, but he’s still an imposing obstacle—this time to Bible scholars. But how can a story so easily followed by children be a conundrum for scholars? It happens all the time when you study Hebrew manuscripts.

What's in Your Bible?

Chapters & Verses: Who Needs Them?

  • Christopher R. Smith
  • Vol. 1 : Issue 5, July-Aug 09

Chapters are designed to be about the same length. But the stories, oracles, poems and discussions that make up biblical books are of many different lengths. Use our interactive graphic to explore how the chapters in Colossians disrupt our interpretation of Paul's letter.

What's in Your Bible?

The New Testament Didn't Drop Out of Heaven

  • Rick Brannan with John D. Barry
  • Vol. 2 : Issue 1, Nov-Dec 10

Despite persecution of early Christians, we still have many ancient copies of the New Testament. This article, and accompanying graphics, compare the New Testament manuscripts to other ancient works. You decide what was more revered.

What's in Your Bible?

Luke is Just Volume One

  • Christopher R. Smith
  • Vol. 2 : Issue 2, Jan-Feb 10

Ever come to the end of a book and felt like you were still in the middle of the story? Maybe you were. Luke and Acts are actually a two-volume historical study. Learn how the spread of the gospel throughout the known world guides the plot.

What's in Your Bible?
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